Upgrading your GM8 or G11 Gemini GoTo Mount
with Tucked Motors

This upgrade requires that your mount is sent into our factory in Burbank, CA. You pay for shipping to and from our factory. This is done with an appointment, you will need to call us to schedule when you can ship in your mount.

Tucked In Motor Upgrade $400.00
Tucked In Motor Kit
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  Reconfiguration of your mount motor plates along with hardware and High Precision Gearboxes to mount the Servo Motors inboard.

While upgrading your mount we also clean and regrease your mount, this is normally a $150 service that is included with this upgrade.

Some Additional items you might need.

RA Extension:
Tucked in Servo Motors require the use of an RA Extension. If you already have the RA Extension then we will use your existing RA Extension.

If you do not have an RA Extension you have 2 options. The RAEXS is a one piece extension between the RA and DEC. The cost of the RAEXS is $100.
The RAEXT is an extension with a dovetail design that allows you to easily remove the DEC portion of the mount from the RA portion. This is useful when transporting the mount so it is in two lighter pieces.
The cost of the RAEXT is $295.

High Torque Servo Motors:
This update uses High Torque Servo Motors. If you already have High Torque Servo Motors you can send them in with your mount for a modification that needs to be done to the motors. This modification is included in the $400 fee. If you do not have High Torque Servo Motors the cost for new motors is $225 per axis

Some Additional items you might want

While doing the Tucked in Motor update you might also want the One Piece Worm Block with Sping Loaded Worm.
This update is $225 per Axis.


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