AZ8 knob and saddle



Introducing the New


ALT / AZ Mount

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New DVR 108/66 Three Ring Guide Scope Setup
DVR108/66 Orion Awesome AutoGuider Scope Ring Set
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DVR108/66 80mm Orion AutoGuider Scope Mounting Rings
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Two Rings to hold the AutoGuider Scope and one Ring to stabilize the camera/guider. Prevents movement of the camera/guider while guiding

(Dovetail plate and Orion 80mm AutoGuider Scope not included. Shown only as an example of use)

Works with both D and V series plates.
Weight 2 lbs 14 oz

New DSCH Digital Setting Circle Hardware
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Two 12288 line optical encoders with readers. Encoders lock to shafts, NO radial movement, 6 stainless steel pin are used for linear movement. This system gives full use of the clutches without any misreading. Machined aluminum housings to enclose optical encoders and readers. Kit includes R.A. and DEC. cable.

Price: $395

Links to manufactures of the electronics used with the DSCH
Sky Commander
Wildcard Innovations
Link to DSCH assembly drawing
Assembly Drawing

Laser Engraved Scales

Laser Marking Scaled Dovetail Plate
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Now we Laser Engrave all of our D-Series and
V-Series Dovetail Plates with a scale on the edge to allow quicker setup.

Laser Marking Scaled
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The new VUP Universal Plate Series now has additional length selection along with a new slot/hole pattern to allow easy adaption to your accessory.

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